Music video

Puppets Pt III – They Sing!

Here it is, and here they are: the puppets; walking, talking and singing at last.

This is probably the post I'm most nervous about because, in general, I was rather disappointed with the film overall. The dialogue and the scenes in between the muscial numbers lack pace and border on preachy and melodramatic. That said, the musical numbers themselves I'm actually reasonably happy with, so here they are:

Autumn Leaves

Singing in the Bathtub

Smile Darn Ya' Smile


“Birmingham” Music Video

"Birmingham" by OdjBox Music Video

The finished form of our second year Music Video Project. A collaboration between myself, William Geraghty, Kathryn Vinclaire and Hannah Walker. This was a 'recovery project' as our Director left the project, and the course, after the first day of shooting and I had to step in from Producer role to Direct. William, in turn, took on the Producing role on top of his First Assistant Directing. 

The idea from this idea had sprung from the piece of music "Birmingham" by Odjbox. The remixed fast paced beat of the classic jazz led us to the concept of the old and new technology playing his music being in competition with one another and, eventually, violently interacting. 

It was a shame that we really only had a couple of days preparation because I don't feel that the story is super clear through the puppetteering, however I am very happy with the 'swag' pulled off by the iPods as they lead the assault.

This project was filmed on a Canon 5D Mk III and lit using ARRI fresnels and Kinoflo lighting. Cinematography by Kathryn Vinclaire and Camera operation by Hannah Walker. 

Lindsey Stirling Dance Cover

Lindsey Sterling Dance Cover Dance Video

This was a collabration between Shelbie Wadge and myself to re-create a Lindsey Stirling 'Shadows' style music video for a Theatre Royal audition. The editing for this almost killed me, I stayed up until 4am to get the frame-by-frame splitscreen done for the next-day deadline. Nonetheless, and though it is fairly basic, I think this dance video works well, especially with the lighting in monochrome.

This was filmed on a Canon 600D using a 2kw ARRI blonde. The set construction and art design was done by Becca Marriage and Sophie Bakewell and the lighting by Arthur Babbington and myself. 


Gooseberry and Cherry Charlotte

Gooseberry and Cherry Charlotte – Foraged Film

The latest collaboration between myself and, the exciting creation of a gooseberry Charlotte. I have made a number of baking themed fan music videos with my sister Charlie these past few years (though not as many as I would have liked) and find them a great way to play around with what one can and can't get away with. This time I tracked using only a tripod baseplate and a greased surface, almost steamed a lens and had to keep up with the fast pace of technical baking. Last time I put my camera in the fridge.

These are an opportunity for a playground of thought, not only in camerawork. When soundmixing this video, originally I was going to stick to just the music and let the baking show us how it's done but, when you see a hand-whisk silently whizzing around, it doesn't look right and so the quiet sound effects really make a difference, as well as Charlie's ever smiling commentary. 

This was filmed on a Canon 600d, with only the kit lens, on a reasonably rainy afternoon in August. I had no lighting equipment with me but did insist on replacing the kitchen bulbs with some rather more hefty halogen spots, simply playing with the practical lights for the film.