Journal 6

“The Finesse”

_J6_1_Boston Bay058

A view over the small bay of the house of my cousins in Gloucester, Boston. This particular little sketch I did to show my little cousins, 5 and 7, how I go about drawing and doodling like I do. The Finesse was moored amidst the tidal grassy walkways.

“I’m glad I always look at the Sky.”

_J6_6_The high mist056

Still in the torrential rain and incredible occurance…did.

From about the fourth or fifth floor of the skyscrapers a fine (yet opaque) mist rose upwards, obscuring the view of their tops. People rushed about, heads cast downwards beneath their umbrellas. I however, superior from my soggy perch in yet another Starbuck's, could enjoy the beautiful mystical sight.

I'm also glad I could get to sketch a skyscraper that wasn't just a square block.