The Five Year old Clanger

A short post a long time coming. 

It's taken the mammoth displacement activity inducing horror of apply to jobs for me to finally finish my very own knitted clanger (from the original 1972 Clanger pattern in the BBC archives). Five years it's been sat, half-socked, waiting to have life breathed into it. There are mistakes, two different colours of wool and bite marks (from mice of all things) but here he is, finally comitted to film.

Yes actual film, this also served at an experiment for my first ever animation on 35mm film. The camera wobble actually comes from having to scan in the printed pictures (as the processing service didn't offer a digital copy of my photographs! Unimpressed!) but I think the overall result is really quite charming.

He is, of course, turning the handle to my recently purchased Bolex H16 camera, with which the original Clangers series' were filmed.


Technical deets:
This was filmed on a Pentax K1000 35mm SLR camera with Pentax K-mount 50mm f1.7 lens on Vista Plus Camera Film 200 ASA. There are 13 frames in the sequence. 

Don’t Spill the Tea!

I've been thinking a lot about computer games recently, particularly with some of the concept work I've been doing and I've decided to share this little concept for all hallows eve…

It's a very simple set-up. Don't. Spill. The. Tea.


The Set-Up:

You wake up, it's just getting light outside and your partner is softly asnoozing away next to you. The clock reads 6:46. Swinging your dressing-gown on you trudge to the kitchen and pop the kettle on. (if you haven't guessed by this point I am British, yes) A newspaper sitting on the sideboard reads some dull headline about tax rebates for the houses in old town… Oh good, you live in old town! The birds are chirping outside and even the yet-to-be-unpacked boxes from your house-move don't look too bad scattered around the kitchen. 

Clik. The kettle is ready and, with a nice cuppa in each hand, you turn to head back to your room.

Slam! The kitchen door swings shut. Must have just been a strong gust of wind… Must have.

The Gameplay:

At this point if you've spilled some tea jumping at the sudden …breeze… you may go back to the kettle to refill your cups. 

When you tentatively open the kitchen door you find the apartment suddenly somewhat less welcoming, the sun has gone behind some clouds maybe. Maybe. 

Walking down the corridor that connects your kitchen to the bedroom a shadow flickers through the living room door…



Ah bugger! You've managed to get hot tea on your cold feet; nevermind, there's still tea left, an acceptable amount. You look again. It was just a bird passing in front of the window… Just a …were those boxes stacked like that before? That's… a little haphazard. 

Nevermind, you carry on back to the bedroom. There are no whispers behind your neck, no breeze at your ankles, no watchful eyes. Hungry. So hungry. 

Back in the bedroom your partner stirrs sleepily.

Your partner
"Nawwh you made the tea,"

Of course you did! And you only spilled half a cup! You'd never ask your partner to risk their life… er … discomfort for their morning brew! And as the days roll on it's always your turn to bring that sweet morning nectar past the howling monstrocities, pin sharp spiney tentacles and growling welcome matts to a lover who certainly never speaks in tongues or looks… off…

Distract, hide from, trap and sneak past all that and more, but most importantly…


Don't Spill the Tea!

…Also it's in VR


This is a little passion project of mine that's been on the back burners for a while, in all seriousness there's so much scope for this game with different difficultly levels decided by the choice of Mug, Teacup and saucer, Teacup or saucer and spoon. Already I know the level design, the story (and backstory) AND half the easter eggs! What I'm currently working on is a single playable demo of the very first level exampling gameplay, early hints at story and a single roaming bad-guy.