I Like Crows

Another actual comic! Goodness heavens above I know right!? Here it is in order: And in the original wonderful little 8-page prefolded flat layout: …Also this is day 2 of Inktober! Whoo! However my inktober will be happening on my instagram so check it out @thefothergill   

Harry Potter Fan Comic

Yey another proper comic. Well… a fan comic? A Harry Potter sequel postulation perhaps…   Again I actually drew it in this order:   In order to make a this:     I'm getting quite into these little teeny-book comics…     …One would presume this is still, somehow, Dumbledore's doing…

Another World

I've not drawn anything in so very long, it feels great to do a surreal little comic! I've just bought a hardcover copy of Sin Titulo which is why the sepia tint to everything – And I drew it in the order below: This way it folds so nice and neatly into a little book like …