“Birmingham” Music Video

"Birmingham" by OdjBox Music Video

The finished form of our second year Music Video Project. A collaboration between myself, William Geraghty, Kathryn Vinclaire and Hannah Walker. This was a 'recovery project' as our Director left the project, and the course, after the first day of shooting and I had to step in from Producer role to Direct. William, in turn, took on the Producing role on top of his First Assistant Directing. 

The idea from this idea had sprung from the piece of music "Birmingham" by Odjbox. The remixed fast paced beat of the classic jazz led us to the concept of the old and new technology playing his music being in competition with one another and, eventually, violently interacting. 

It was a shame that we really only had a couple of days preparation because I don't feel that the story is super clear through the puppetteering, however I am very happy with the 'swag' pulled off by the iPods as they lead the assault.

This project was filmed on a Canon 5D Mk III and lit using ARRI fresnels and Kinoflo lighting. Cinematography by Kathryn Vinclaire and Camera operation by Hannah Walker.