Two Short Horror Films




This was a short film devised by myself to try and capture the fear of a night terror. Working with Kathryn (the principal actor) we worked around the idea of being pressed down, trapped in one's own bed, as well as the pursuit, and confusion of the matter on waking. 

To film we shot this on a Canon 550d and lit using only an 8mm projector and a single, homemade, halogen spot. The flicker which the projector produced works ok, but the rolling shutter issue is something I would like to correct if done again. In fact I'd probably light much more and work in flicker completely in post. The resources constraint on this film meant we simply couldn't do this, and it would have significantly extended the post production anyway. 

The sound track to this film was entirely composited afterward, and, if I'm honest, not even thought about when filmed. It was filmed in a night on a whim and in depth discussion with the various contributors replaced using a script. 

One Step Closer


This is a good example of working with what you have, the story this film was set to follow ended up nothing like the final edit, because it was never finished. What we were left with was the first night's shooting only (from a two night shoot), and some ideas. I won't go into why we didn't finish, the usual blather, illness and workload, the unreliability of people. Nevertheless I was loathe to dismiss the footage we filmed so I crammed it together into this rather 'artsy' short horror.

It's a one scare pony but I'm really happy with it, the soundtrack I composed completely on a whim on garageband; adding effects afterwards, slowing down the happy reggae music, reversing the odd guitar riff here and there. Needless to say I'm not a composer, but the effect was most satisfactory.