Gooseberry and Cherry Charlotte

Gooseberry and Cherry Charlotte – Foraged Film

The latest collaboration between myself and, the exciting creation of a gooseberry Charlotte. I have made a number of baking themed fan music videos with my sister Charlie these past few years (though not as many as I would have liked) and find them a great way to play around with what one can and can't get away with. This time I tracked using only a tripod baseplate and a greased surface, almost steamed a lens and had to keep up with the fast pace of technical baking. Last time I put my camera in the fridge.

These are an opportunity for a playground of thought, not only in camerawork. When soundmixing this video, originally I was going to stick to just the music and let the baking show us how it's done but, when you see a hand-whisk silently whizzing around, it doesn't look right and so the quiet sound effects really make a difference, as well as Charlie's ever smiling commentary. 

This was filmed on a Canon 600d, with only the kit lens, on a reasonably rainy afternoon in August. I had no lighting equipment with me but did insist on replacing the kitchen bulbs with some rather more hefty halogen spots, simply playing with the practical lights for the film.