Bolex 16mm Following Project

This was a first year short project for my film course. In teams of three, we shot this on a Bolex H16 using 100ft reversal film (Eek!) so no latitude at all, exposure had to be exact. It was edited later on a steenbeck flatbed editing table with film tape, thus the large and obvious cuts. 

The theme was "Following," and other than a short storyboarding session in the morning we just had a day, in our teams of three, to go and experiment with these wonderful clockwork cameras.

I was really quite pleased that we stuck to the lightmetre religiously and all the shots (bar, irritatingly, the last one) came out correctly exposed and in focus! The 'telecine process' – our film tutors recording the image from a steenbeck screen on the JVCs – darkened the picture considerably however which is a shame.