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“The Finesse”

A view over the small bay of the house of my cousins in Gloucester, Boston. This particular little sketch I did to show my little cousins, 5 and 7, how I go about drawing and doodling like I do. The Finesse was moored amidst the tidal grassy walkways.

Whale watching in Boston Bay

Gloucester, a whale watching tour in Boston Bay. Absolutely incredible but impossible to photograph, so instead I watched and enjoyed and later sketched this. Humpbacks are my favaourite whale creatures, they are absolutely gorgeous.

A Moment on the Subway

  A nice moment of a lady bracing herself against the wind blast that thunders through the New York metro system, unfortunately it looks rather like she's standing on the tracks, but I suppose that morbid aspect perhaps likens this picture more to an Edward Gorey illustration.