6 Rooms

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Some surreal musings on a short scifi screenplay I wrote based on fractals and the idea of infinite dimensions. The screenplay in question is complete rubbish in retrospect but the concept art I enjoyed, so here it is in all its strange glory.

_J1_82.6_Six Rooms Mirror Rooms

The story is essentially a chase through dimensions, but unlike shows that show a clean journey through the planes of existence this one assumes that dimensions branch like a franctal, as each possible action spawns its own offset of actions. A bit like the film Sliding Doors except each actions would create five more Gweneth Paltrows, each with their own story to pursue.

_J1_64_Six rooms020 copy

I'm not really sure why I chose the number 6 other than I liked the amount of choice it gave, and the amount of duplicates it created wasn't totally untenable at first, though quickly grows to vast proportions.

“The Experience.”

_J1_75_the experience025

One of my favourite poems from Simon Armitage's wonderful book "Seeing Stars."

Unfortunately it's the only one of his books that I've found to date that I've enjoyed, but I enjoyed it so very much I think it by far makes up for it. 

Incidentally I lost my first copy of seeing stars when going around America so have now bought his book twice.

His official website:

Amazon "Seeing Stars" book link: