“I Dreamt a Dream of Romance.”

– An illustrated dream.

_J1_45_I dreamt a dream of romance015

""I dreamt a dream of romance, where an old flame and I met atop our neighbouring houses and gazed up at the stars, her parents disapproved, her father the cynic, the protector, her mother borderline alcoholic, but for a time we ignored them all and stared into the beauty of the heavens, and her eyes.
Our rooms stood framed by the boxes protruding from the mansard roof we shared, I would sneak to hers with a blanket and her to me. Her brother would sometimes see us but he did not mind.

Over fifty miles away two pickups raced along across the dessert.

One day we stole a boat in the lake and motored way out, sitting in its sun warmed hull embraced and quiet, until her brother came along and tried to drown me."

 – 5am writing.